Advantages of Granite

Granite is a fascinating material that may appeal to you when replacing countertops:

•     One of the main reasons people select granite is because of its natural beauty. The coloration will never change so it will always be as bright and vibrant as when it is first installed.

•     Granite is very competitively priced and a sketch of your countertops is all that’s needed for an estimate. Quarter-inch beveled and round edges are considered standard and the price increases with more labor-intensive edges such as a bullnose or ogee.

•     One major advantage in choosing granite is that it won’t scratch or chip with normal use. Only another piece of granite, or something harder, like diamond, will leave marks. In addition, it is heat resistant ,so items from the oven can be placed right on the counter without a problem.

•     No two slabs of granite are ever exactly the same, like fingerprints. Regardless of how common a specific stone is, each application of that stone is unique and beautiful in its own context.